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Hello and welcome to our resources for 14-18s! We are delighted you've landed here! 

We believe in the extraordinary potential of young people! We hope our resources will help to engage your young people in questions of life and faith today, whether or not they're from a churched or unchurched background and get them to think about how they can become who Jesus has truly called them to be. 

Our Mettle resource is geared towards discipling 14-18s into deeper relationship with Jesus and inspiring them to share that with their friends and family. We write new material for Mettle each term and at the end of each term there is a social which involves great fun that young people can invite their friends to, as well as activities to do in your local communities. 

Our Frames resource is aimed at young people who aren't currently in church and is centred around videos and discussions. It's a great way to get young people talking about faith and exploring topics and questions they might have!

Our residentials are super fun weekends away that you can bring your young people to. There are different weekends tailored towards both churched and unchurched young people, involving games, talks, seminars, worship, meeting other young people and all kinds of awesome activities! 

We also have additional resources that we have produced in partnership with other organisations. We hope they will be a great tool for you to use alongside current material or as a stand alone resource for your young people!




Our termly Mettle resources are aimed at discipling churched young people. Our desire is that these resources will encourage, inspire and equip your young people to grow in their faith and empower them to share Jesus with others.

Each youth session consists of modules of different lengths and types for you to use or customise as works best for you. There are games, Bible stories, Bible characters, videos, tough topics, creative responses and all kinds of things relevant to young people today! 



Our Frames resources are more designed for engaging with unchurched 14-18 year olds. They help to start conversations about faith and big questions that young people might have and want to explore further.

14-18 residentials

We believe in the power of brilliant residentials, so at Youth for Christ we host fantastic residentials throughout the year! Click here to find out more about the residentials we offer for 14-18s. 

Additional Resources

14-18 additional

We love to partner with other exceptional youth organisations to help create brilliant material for churches. Check out some other brilliant resources for 14-18s from Youth for Christ and our partner organisations.