A revolutionary resource for 14-18s that focuses on discipleship and sharing faith in Jesus. 

Hello and welcome to Mettle!

Our Mettle resource is aimed at 14-18s who already have a faith in Jesus or go to Church. It is discipleship for young people to develop their relationship with God and think about how to share faith in Jesus with those around them.

There are 6 key teaching themes that we unpack throughout the academic year. These themes are Jesus centred, relationships, giving and serving, living wisely, connecting with God and sharing faith. 

Each session is made up of modules and you can use as many or as few of the modules as works for you. You can also personalise each session and add your own comments that will be relevant to your youth group. We highlight 3 or 4 core modules per session that are modules which we think are best to use if you have limited time for a session. 

Modules include games, activities, Bible studies, discussions, films, creative responses and much more! We try to have a variety of modules to make each session as fun and engaging as possible for your young people!

We hope you enjoy these sessions!


This term in Mettle


Hello and welcome to the Summer 2019 resources for Mettle! We hope you will enjoy them! We begin the term with 2 sessions about worship, unpacking sung worship as well as how we can live a whole life of worship to God. We then have 3 sessions looking at who Jesus was and who he can be for us today, as well as exams and how to survive a tricky season. We also look at sharing Jesus and living for Jesus in places where his name might never be heard, looking outwards in faith to our friends and then 2 more fruit of the Spirit, kindness and patience. We hope you have a great term! 

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